The first form of “capitalism” developed along trade routes in the Middle East and in Rome. This form of Capitalism is often refereed to as Mercantilism: buying or making a good and selling  it at a price that yields a profit. “Capitalism as a way of thinking is fundamentally individualistic…the individual is the center of capitalist endeavor…that society is composed of individuals who pursue their own interests, that individuals should be free to pursue their own interests (this, in capitalism, is called “economic freedom”  This Concept of individual incentive has proved successful historically in american culture. The Belief define capitalism states “individuals pursuing their own interests will guarantee the interests of society as a whole.”   Economic Historian, Richard Hooker points out the materialism that a capitalist culture depends on, “In non-capitalist societies, such as tribal societies, people have real social relations to the producers of the goods they consume. But when people no longer have social relations with others who make the objects they consume, that means that the only relation they have is with the object itself. So part of capitalism as a way of thinking is that people become “consumers,” that is, they define themselves by the objects they purchase rather than the objects they produce.” Its certainly evident we live in a culture focused on the individual, a Materialistic culture, a capitalistic culture, the question is, ” is there a better alternative?”